Online vs. Online

My client for writing and editing was a PR fashion blog and the owner, Crosby. I liked them on Facebook last year when I was taking the class. Crosby won many awards due to her blog, however she did not have a strong presence on other social media websites.

She is featured on many websites as the top 50, top 100, etc. fashion PR blogs to follow, however it stumps me why she was not very active on the Facebook or Twitter accounts. I know that she is very busy and has another job on top of blogging, however, in my opinion being online in multiple outlets when your medium is being online seems like that would be the only thing to do.

The blog is very interesting and insightful, it gives many opportunities and links to fashion internships, tips on getting that internship, and other important PR related information. Crosby is asked to speak on many different panels for both her work in the PR field and also her blog.

In that case, due to her online reputation, do you think that it is important for her to have other active and used outlets for communication rather than just her website? Do you think that this would help with gaining more followers?

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