Sales Expected to Increase for Retail Over Next Month in a Half

Once again, it is that time of year. As soon as Halloween is over, television ads seem to explode with Christmas related content. Pretty soon people will not be able to turn on the TV, flip through a magazine or browse a website without seeing red and green colors smeared with holiday deals across the page or screen. It is virtually inescapable.

One thing all people need to remember is the date. It is just the first week of November and Christmas has exploded. Even before Halloween was over, there were ads for the holidays popping up. Now that October has come and gone, it has increased 10 fold. It is almost as though Thanksgiving does not exist. The day meant for being thankful for what we have is a mere roadblock on the way to December 25.

Granted, some of the reasons for advertising so early do make sense. With the current economic times, a lot of stores such as K-Mart and Wal*Mart are offering lay away for the holidays. This allows people to pay off their bills gradually. It’s sometimes better and easier for families to handle the financial burden of the holidays if they can deal with the money issues over time rather than all at once.

So now I am going to ask all of you. Is it too early to start Christmas advertising? If it is, when is the right time? I am curious to hear your opinions.


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I'm a junior Public Relations student with a Marketing minor at the University of Central Missouri with a strong interest in blogging every week for class!
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5 Responses to Sales Expected to Increase for Retail Over Next Month in a Half

  1. scottspiegel says:

    I do not think it’s too early for all the advertising. Christmas is a great way for companies to monetize a holiday. Not advertising early for the holidays would be a disaster for marketing and advertising departments. I am actually listening to Christmas music while writing this!

  2. hannahkrhoad says:

    I don’t think it is to early to start advertising. Several stores depend on the holiday sales to make their yearly goal.

  3. I love Christmas time, and I think the begining of November is a perfect time to start advertising! However, I do find it weird when its 65 degrees out and I see Christmas lights out, and decorations taking over Wal-Mart. Companies depend on the holiday season for sales and whatnot, so I can see why some start earlier than others!

  4. amber0125 says:

    For me, November and December are months filled with holiday cheer of all sights and sounds. Therefore, I don’t think it is too early to start advertising for Christmas. People start their Christmas shopping in November (Black Friday is a perfect example of this) so why shouldn’t companies start their advertising? As of today I have already listened to my fair share of Christmas music and even watched It’s a Wonderful Life so I’m not sure if my opinion can be trusted, it is definitely a bit biased. Christmas-lovers unite! I’ve said too much.

  5. Keri Cerda says:

    I think yes and no. For the majority of the advertising and products, no it is not too early at all. Best to get them now rather than wait and they’re gone. What concerns me is the two aisle full of Christmas candy. I can understand the gift boxes with the perfumes, makeup and shaving kits. But it might be a little too soon to have all the holiday food out. If you walk into Walmart it would appear they completely forgot about Thanksgiving. I don’t think they should wait until after turkey day though, that would leave them barely any time at all. Thanksgiving is on the 24th this year, so that would leave them a month until the big day and I’m sure as college students we all know exactly how fast a month can go by.

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