Media Interview

I know a lot of us have been struggling with finding someone to interview for our assignment. But for those who already got the contact and are going to do the interview next week, I hope you will find this post helpful for your interview preparation. Here are some tips for you as an interviewer:

   – Take the time to research the interviewee. What kind of beat does he/she cover? What is his/her job responsibility? Not being prepared with an interviewee’s background and basic information indicates you have no interested in getting to know him/her. The more you know before the interview, the more insightful questions you will have to ask the interviewee.

•Show appreciation
  – Tell the interviewee that you appreciate he or she took the time to come in for the interview.

•Prepare a list of questions
  – Preparing several questions before the interview is valuable. It serves as a guide to help you stay on track.

•Types of questions to ask
  – Open-ended questions.
     > You can get more detailed responses than asking a yes/no question.
  – Ask for a specific story/experience.
      > People like to tell their own stories. Asking for a story helps the interview becomes more conversational and it sets the tone for the interviewee to keep sharing his/her experiences.
  – Probing questions. Ask follow-up question when you find an interesting point.
  – Ask for advice. You are there to learn from the interviewee. Take the opportunity!

•Listen well
  – Pay full attention to your interviewee while he/she is talking. Don’t just stare at your list of questions and rushing to ask the next question. Sometimes interviewees would give an unexpected answer that might be interesting for you to dig more information. Be flexible on changing the questions when you catch an interesting story point to probe.

•Time management
  – I would suggest you to give the interviewee an approximate length of time for the interview.  

•Take notes/bring a recorder
  – I like taking notes because I will be able to refer to a previous point/information if needed.


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