Writer’s Block

Blogging. What do I talk about? Some weeks I know exactly what I want to blog about. Other times I am just completely stumped, and I am sure that everyone is in the same boat at some point. Especially when blogging for a class, rather than just posting things happening in your life or other things that people usually blog about. So, this week I decided to focus on places to get inspiration for blog posts.

1. Public relations blogs. These writers are immersed in the industry and know what is on trend, and they usually have some really interesting topics to think and talk about. A good website to find different PR blogs. I actually enjoy reading what these people have to say.

2. Current events. As PR students we should be keeping up with the times. Talk about your opinion of the topics, or how they could be covered differently from a PR perspective. Plus, it allows for easy commenting.

3. Trends. Obviously we all love talking about social media and how it is beneficial for companies to use. It is good to blog about things that people know and are interested in, and that are relevant.

4. Tips. We all love new tips and information to help better ourselves. Share the wealth! Plus, it is definitely something interesting and different to read. I know I have learned new tricks from some of your blog posts.

Well, I just came up with those off the top of my head. Does anyone else have any good ideas?

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One Response to Writer’s Block

  1. amber0125 says:

    I don’t really have any other good ideas, but I like your 4 areas for inspiration. I find myself feeling the same way many weeks. It is sometimes hard to know what to write about and sometimes I feel I end up with something that isn’t so interesting. Next week I think I might focus on one of these topics instead of just thinking up something randomly.

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