Wild Ride to 11 in 11

What a wild series it was indeed.  From game one to game seven they were all action packed and kept viewers/fans on the edge of their seat the entire time.  Game six, obviously, was one of the more wild ones where I am still trying to wrap my mind around what exactly happened and how we won.  One thing is for certain and I feel many fans might similarly be less upset when it is freezing outside this winter or when we hear the word freeze.  I know it will remind me of the performances throughout the post season and especially game six of the World Series by Cardinals third baseman David Freese.  That could be just wishful thinking for something to make freezing Missouri temperatures that will be arriving soon.  What a great thing for the city of St. Louis and state of Missouri as a whole (excluding the very west end of course as it seems they are still bitter it has been 26 years for them).  Down 10.5 games in the wild card chase and we came back, took a one run game five in the NLDS from arguably the best team in the National League, the rally squirrel was introduced and caught fire throughout Cardinals Nation, beat the Brewers in Milwaukee, Pujols becoming a new Mr. October, David Freese a hometown kid and everything he did to propel the cardinals and make this all possible, and finally the eleventh Cardinals championship in the year 2011 (11 in 11).  These are just the main happenings throughout the post season that have been dropped in the lap of any publicist, media person, etc. giving the city of St. Louis and the Cardinals great coverage and news.  It is really quite interesting what can happen and the things you will see in just the matter of a three-week span.  Now the focus goes to the fact that Tony announced his retirement this morning and what is Big Albert going to do.  If the Cardinals are seeking my opinion and a resounding Cardinals Nation opinion, he must stay in St. Louis! We shall wait impatiently, nervously until we find out.

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