What my life has come to

You think it’s supposed to be the most exciting time of your life. You think employers are supposed to be knocking at your door begging you to come work for them. You think finding a full-time job will be easy. Think again.

Or that’s more of what I had to do over the past few months. I have experience. I can write, I can digitally design, I can organize, plan and work hard. And I am graduating in December, but I still haven’t found a job.

I think about all I have learned about PR, planning, pitching, communicating, etc…and all of that knowledge may not even get used for its intended purpose. It may be wasted for a job a high school graduate could qualify for. But I went to school…and I’m graduating.

So, applying what I’ve learned to the PR field, I’ve worked my professional contacts, boosted my resume, and honed my skills. But I’m still looking.

Trying to be optimistic is hard. Hearing figures about the market and the economy make it hard not to laugh (that I went to school and can’t find a job) or cry (about the fact that I went to school and still can’t find a job).

Anyway, wishing you luck on all your PR endeavors. And hoping that mine pays off soon!

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