While trying to think of something to blog about, I ran across an interesting initiative from the outdoors company, Patagonia. The company is literally asking their own consumers to buy less products. Patagonia executives say “Our Common Threads Initiative aims to close the loop on the product life cycle – to make old clothes into new and keep them from ever reaching a landfill or incinerator. Reduce what you buy. Repair what you can. Reusewhat you no longer need. Recycle what’s worn out. Reimagine a sustainable world.”

I think this initiative is an excellent example of a company sticking to its roots. As an outdoors company, Patagonia wants people to find pleasures with nature, not material items. I’m interested to see how this campaign might spread to other similar organizations. I think this is a really cool way to encourage people to reduce the amount of products they purchase, and also to fix what has been worn out. Here is a link to the video for the initiative. What do you think?

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3 Responses to Patagonia

  1. kkoots says:

    Interesting. We just had a lecture in my Spanish class about this same topic. How in recent years everything we own is “disposable” to us. I definitely think that a greener initiative is going to be a trend here soon.

  2. mwil89 says:

    It really is cool, it reminds me of something in the same vein, the company called Honest T? They make tea in Africa and give a percentage of their money to the farmers to promote business growth for the really poor people, If you had IMC you probably heard about them too. I like initiative like these!!

  3. megromer says:

    I have never heard of this. It seems like a lot of organizations are jumping on the green bandwagon, but the public is vastly supportive of it and revenues are being made as a result.

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