Holiday Advertising

I like holidays just as much as the next 21 year old American, I suppose. You get to dress up and act like a fool, eat mass quantities of food with the family, exchange gifts, and generally have a good time. What I don’t like about holidays is the advertising.

Before autumn even begins, there are advertisements for Halloween costumes, and then before Halloween is even over the Christmas advertisements start up, and the list goes on. It seems that companies want to get the most time possible with their advertisements and products in the public’s view. I can see why they would want this, but I wish they would quit it! I don’t know why it bugs me but it does. Is it really effective marketing if your customers are numb to all of your efforts?

I feel like eventually we will be buying Halloween costumes in July, Christmas lights in August, and so forth! I was just sitting here and wondering if anyone else felt this way? The same goes for the automobile industry.  They release the so-called “2012” models three months before the year even begins! How far into the future will we be buying cars from if this continues?


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One Response to Holiday Advertising

  1. scottspiegel says:

    I agree that it is super annoying. I was in Walmart today near the Halloween candy aisle and I found a package of Christmas Oreos. However, the companies know something we don’t. That is how much profit it is bringing in. There are a lot of consumers out there and according to trends, they are, in fact, purchasing these “in season” items.

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