Here’s to TLR

As most know, the one and only, Tony LaRussa has announced his retirement earlier today.  What a man in the world of baseball he is and has been.  Throughout his 33 years coaching Major League Baseball he is the third winningest coach in history, second most games coached all time, three World Series rings, and has many more accolades.  Many members of ESPN and other major media outlets viewed this as a bit of a shock.  I have to say I kind of saw this coming and even though I love Tony and he will be sorely missed throughout Cardinal Nation I am extremely happy to see him go out on top.  I mean come on, the man is 67 years old and had some health issues this year.  With baseball being a 162 game plus season with some of the most stressful situations and long hours it has to take a toll on a man’s body.  Therefore, I feel it was only a matter of time before he hung it up.  What a great way to send off the soon to be Hall of Fame coach into retirement with his second World Series championship with the Cards and third of his career.  He will surely be missed, but we thank you for everything you’ve done for not only STL, but for the game of baseball in general, Tony.  I look forward to seeing you inducted into the HOF on the first ballot and your name among the other greats.  It will be very interesting to see who the Cardinals will choose as their next leader.  There are definitely some very great options available, but they will definitely have som huge shoes to fill.  First task of business should definitely be resigning Pujols, but until then thanks again TLR! Enjoy retirement and if you open that bookstore you talked about in your presser I will definitely be making a visit.

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