Staying Sane

I feel as though I have been typing non-stop since August. I would love to say that it is dying down now, but that would be a bigger lie than saying jeggings are a good idea. I would also love to say that I will not have this much required in the “real world” but the truth is, there will be times.

I noticed the other day, that when I received an assignment I literally cringed at the thought. “I can’t handle this! I don’t have anything else to say!” – were a couple (censored) reactions. But, for the sake of sanity and GPA, I put on my big girl panties and got over it.

Here are a few of the items that made this blog possible:

1. Read a Book – Not a textbook, but a book that makes you want to turn the page.

2. Dance – Let it go! Relax, smile and sweat it out. Dance until that is all that you can think about.

The final and most important of these:

3. Plan ahead – Like Dory from “Finding Nemo” says, “Just keep swimming!” Take a few minutes and list everything that you need to get done. Then, number them in the order in which they need to be done, aka prioritize. For small assignments, set a window of time in which it needs to be completed. For larger writing assignments, start with research, then an outline. If you fully understand what it is that you are writing about, you will have no problem meeting the length requirements.

Any other ideas on how to stay sane?

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5 Responses to Staying Sane

  1. ryanmarler says:

    What I do to stay sane is go on a walk. Even when it’s chilly out. Just grab a friend and go! As for planning ahead, I would be so lost without my huge wall calender that I write stuff down on.

  2. I completely agree with this. I usually watch a tv show. Working out also works when I need it.

  3. This is how I feel all the time! To-Do lists are an essential for me. My #1 advice for getting stuff done is something that I’m pretty sure no one does. Get ahead in your work! When you don’t have any homework due for two nights, do some anyway! This way when the weekend rolls around, you can actually have two full days to relax, and not spend 6 hours doing homework on Sunday night.

  4. yxl81090 says:

    Great post Angela! I don’t think I can ever live without my planner. My to-do list is just a never-ending torture! I usually go for a run or watch some TV to relax myself. And yes, dancing also helps too!

  5. I LOVE THIS. I say working out, or just going for a long drive. There have been many times where I have just said NO to homework and my cell phone and I went on a drive, this maybe just around Warrensburg, but I have made it to Lees Summit or KC a few times. Usually, if that is the case, I go visit my old roommate who lives up there now so it isn’t a complete waste of time! Creating a to-do list always makes me feel more organized, so that is a huge help!

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