After reading Kellyn’s blog about time management, I started thinking about all my homework: this blog, my geology quiz, my choreography paper… The list goes on. My problem is, you guessed it, I AM A PROCRASTINATOR. Boy that’s rare isn’t it? Seems like that’s everyones problem these days. So then I started thinking about Kellyn’s last tip: Reward Yourself. This seems like something that could really work for me. But what rewards work for me? What could possibly motivate me besides money? Im pretty positive no one is going to pay me to do my homework.

I’ve realized that the best motivation for me is free time at the gym, food, or sleep. I recall one time my mom asked what I wanted for dinner and told me to be home by 7:30… I knocked out a 2-pager in an hour. That’s a record for me. Basically, if I give myself a scheduled time to be done, I have a better chance of using my time wisely.

One day, I wont have to give myself ridiculous rewards like food and I will hopefully have a real big girl job where I get paid to work hard. God willing of course that the economy is still somewhat afloat and there is actually a job to be had… Just my thoughts on rewarding yourself to complete tasks. A little random, I’m aware, but maybe someone else can learn from what I’ve used to motivate myself. Happy Monday everyone!

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One Response to Motivation

  1. mmq99030 says:

    I am guilty of all of the above. When I really need to study, I tell myself that if I power through a couple chapters of material, I can go bake some cookies. Maybe not the most efficient (or healthy) way to an education, but whatever works!

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