World Series

I will admit, I am not a Cardinal’s fan, nor a Ranger’s fan. I am a die hard Kansas City Royals fan. What this means is that I hope each year for something different, a winning season, and playoff birth. I often catch humiliation about being a Royals fan, however I stand true to my passion for Kansas City sports. What will never make sense to me, is a bandwagon fan.

The past week, I have seen more and more Cardinal’s shirts, jersey’s, and hats among students here at UCM. I did not, however, see this during the regular season. Many times people will wait until important games, and end of the season records to decide on who there favorite teams are, this is, in my opinion, gross.

No one truly knows what it is like to be a real fan, through the good times and bad, unless they love a team each and every year. The Royals have been bad since I was born, but my hope goes each and every year. You live and die with your team, not jump off the wagon when things get rough. Is it possible that maybe some fans just happened to start wearing their Cardinal’s memorabilia because of the playoffs? Maybe, however, the shirts, jersey’s, and hats, look pretty crisp and new.


A lonely Royals fan


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3 Responses to World Series

  1. samljohnson says:

    I completely agree. I always felt like I knew way more Royals fans at this school but then all these Cards fans came up outta nowhere. Fair-weather fans…
    I myself am a Rangers fan… Sorry Im not sorry!

  2. richilajrand89 says:

    I would have to agree with you Griffin, I am a die hard Royals fan I take pride in the city I was raised in. For those who do not know I was raised in Kansas City. Congratulations on the Cardinals for the victory, but you have one more game to go. I hope you guys make it and get the W.

  3. Keri Cerda says:

    I too noticed this. While I am not really a sports fan, if asked my favorite teams I always say the Royals and Chiefs. (I mean they have the best letters right?) I get laughed at a lot but I won’t give up on my hometown pride. Same goes for college teams. I’d never be caught dead in red and blue, black and gold all the way.
    I think a lot of this stems from societal pressures to be “cool,” to like what is in style or be out of stile. There are some people that will love something when it’s popular but as soon as it’s unpopular they completely hate it and have moved on to the next best thing.

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