What Are We Getting In To?

Really, what kind of PR are you wanting to get into?

I was trying to figure out what to write about, so naturally I was flipping through the channels on my TV. I stopped on the series premiere of Glam Fairy. A show about a salon in Jersey. I had seen previews for it last week, while watching Jerseylicious, a show about a few salons in Jersey. I asked myself, HOW did these people get their own TV shows?! I just don’t understand the reality TV show phenomenon that has erupted in the last few years. Survivor, I get. The Bachelor, Extreme Makeover,  So You Think You Can Dance, I understand. They have a point. The newer shows seem to exist for the sake of existing. It led me to thinking about the people that came up with the ideas for these shows and how the people that have to promote them.

I don’t mean to bash on you if this is the field that you’re interested, I  just don’t see why these are the people that were chosen to be promoted. The family that I don’t understand is the Kardashian family famous? I googled it, just to make sure there wasn’t a reason. I found several other posts/articles asking the same thing. One of them said this

“The Kardashian sisters are famous because the media made them famous, and because they tell us what we want to hear.

Absolutely nothing. “

I want to do something more than make someone famous for doing nothing. The people that manage to do it must be brilliant to pull it off, but I just don’t understand it.

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5 Responses to What Are We Getting In To?

  1. ARCooperPR says:

    I am wanting to go into the field of music. I think it would be a dream job to work for an artist I loved or a record label where I could work with many artists and constantly have shows, albums and events to promote alongside the artists themselves. When I think about what matters most to me, music is definitely at the top end of that list. I want to do something I love and that has a lot of meaning to people.

    You will always have those who just chase the dollar signs and to them it is ok to work for a show like the Kardashians. I think that working for a show like that could definitely get you some positive exposure as far as being able to promote something. I would only see an opportunity like that as temporary. Something to gain some experience from and learn, while further networking and looking for the next thing to move onto.

    All in all, I am sure this is a glamorous job for someone and they are mighty proud of it. For me though, I want more. I know I will love being in the music industry, and cannot wait to be out of school and living the dream.

  2. These shows are ridiculous! I hate the fact that if you’re even remotely famous, you are eligible for a reality t.v. show about your life…however boring it may be. We now have t.v. shows about people that host t.v. shows.

  3. megromer says:

    I wonder about that too. Do the networks approach the individuals, or do the individuals approach the networks, asking them to do a show about them? And who gets the money? Do the “reality stars” or the networks? I think sometimes people are just interested in other people, and want it to be reiterated to them that they are not the most crazy family on earth, just look at the _____!

  4. samljohnson says:

    This just made me think about how not only do these random, non-talented people get their own shows, but also as soon as you become an actor you are automatically supposed to be a singer too. And some of those actors should stay on the big screen and out of the music industry. Just saying.

  5. I agree! I can’t STAND the majority of these shows (the Bachelor I must disagree with you–it is pure idiocy lol)! After seeing yet another commercial for Keeping up with the Kardashians or whatever it’s called, I finally said, “Who the heck are these Kardhashians?! Am I supposed to know why these people have a TV show??” Turns out there wasn’t any reason for me to know them. Other than that they have a TV show.

    While I’m in the same boat with you, I guess we also have to remember that what’s important to some people, is not necessarily important to everyone else. Vise versa too: what’s unimportant to some, may not be unimportant to others (even though these shows definitely qualify as shallow, petty, pointless, immature and mind-numbing)! 😉

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