Trashy Decision

I live in Lee’s Summit and during the last two weeks I have seen what look to be normal trash trucks, but with different messages painted on the sides and backs. There are a variety of messages, but every truck I saw had the website somewhere on the truck.

The trucks weren’t anything special, but they did their job in catching at least one person’s attention. After seeing the trucks, I made a point to check out the website when I got home.

Come to find out, it is a campaign to get people to sign a petition  against the city council’s decision to consolidate the number of trash haulers to a small handful of larger companies. There are also multiple links available on the website that allow people to e-mail a city council member. According to the website, the city’s plan would eliminate people’s choice of trash and recycling haulers and would put several local companies out of business. The website makes a good argument for their side and about the problems they have with these possible changes.

I feel like this form of promotion can definitely be considered guerrilla marketing. In my opinion, guerrilla marketing can be a great way to gain attention for any cause, product or whatever it may be. It is usually done fairly cheaply and uses creative means and ideas that are unique and interesting. In this case, I expect that this campaign will continue to gain attention because of their cause and because of their creative use of guerrilla marketing.

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2 Responses to Trashy Decision

  1. ARCooperPR says:

    In my personal opinion, I think guerrilla marketing is the best kind of marketing. Yes, I understand you do not reach as many people with it, but I think the ones you do it has a stronger and longer lasting impact. The most talked about campaigns typically have some aspect of guerrilla marketing in them. I think it would be fun to be on a street team for a company, and be the ones out there making these interactions possible.

    There are so many good examples of this, and you can find several great ones just by Googleing ‘guerrilla marketing’ and going to images. Overall, I think this was a great way for them to market their cause. It’s great to see something political have such an easy going yet effective way to get the word out and build awareness.

    I went to the site, seems simple and easy to navigate. I just wish I could have seen some of the actual trucks. I have family in the Lee Summit area, and this will be something I direct them to. I think it is a great cause and I am in full support. Good topic, good posting.

  2. There are way better ways to market then bumper stickers. Maybe just voicing your opinion?

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