Okay, first of all I know all of us are super stressed out finishing this online writing assignment, as well as our cases rough draft (for those of us in Cases).  On top of that, PRO Day is right around the corner (which means updating the resume!) and we have our other classes to worry about, too.  It is all so much, and I always feel like I have my week planned out in my planner and I am on top of the world at he beginning of the week.  Nope, by the end of the day Monday I realize I got little to nothing done that was on my Monday “to do” list.  Then, all of that list goes on to the next day or two and everything is already messed up.  I find myself in Geology on Tuesdays on my laptop, trying to organize my life (not paying attention, of course).  Anyways, even as I write this I am thinking of everything else I need to get done tonight, which includes organizing my life in my planner for the next week.

Another thing, I still have yet to get a new Droid, so I am stuck with this slider phone from way back and can never tweet when I feel like I have the perfect “tweet” to share with everyone!  I have to go get my laptop and log in, if I am even around it, and by the time I come to it, I forgot what I was going to tweet about.  I should be up to about 1,000 tweets by now but I am not, just over 650.  Isn’t it weird how important social media is to us?  That is why I made my title what I did, hashtag queen I know.

I am not sure about all the other majors, but I can almost guarantee we have one of the toughest majors on campus.  Our content isn’t difficult, and this is what we want to do, but we are constantly busy and our minds and time management skills are challenged.  I am not saying other majors do not take any effort, because both of my roommates are always super stressed out too.  One is a Nursing major, and I know that all is content based especially at the beginning which is extremely difficult.

Just a few random thoughts from me, hopefully you enjoyed it!


About cassieljackson

I am a senior at the University of Central Missouri majoring in Corporate Communication, with a minor in Public Relations.
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One Response to #LifeofaPRStudent

  1. Oh girl, you know I feel your pain right now…

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