Growing Interest in Newspaper Websites

Just going digital baby!

After doing the last two assignments, I decided to look into how often people were still going to newspapers, but online instead. The findings in my opinion are not surprising. The short article I am going to reference HERE highlights the number 20 as the percentage rate that traffic has increased to newspaper websites. Again, this should not be a surprise to any of us.

Everything is online now. Why read a newspaper when you can just check out the website when you are on the computer? We all have to be on the computer constantly anyways, I mean the list goes on forever: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, school email, FourSquare, YouTube, Epsilon, Google+, Tumblr, Blogger, WordPress, Posterous, StumbleUpon, etc. To most people in PR, these sites are important. To others, they are just enjoying themselves surfing around.

Whatever the reason, it is clear that this is merely out of convenience. I mean, who has time to hold and read a paper when we are texting or playing on our smart phones? This is great news for the newspapers though, pun intended. This just shows that even though we have so many options of how to get news these days, people still look to newspapers for their news fix.

The article, if you missed it the first time:

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2 Responses to Growing Interest in Newspaper Websites

  1. The age of paper print is dying out. I think it is quicker and easier to read things online, HOWEVER, I think people pay more attention and focus more when actually holding a newspaper.

  2. ARCooperPR says:

    I believe this has been proven in a study but I could not site it for you now, nor do I have the time to look it up. I do not think the physical paper will fade out anytime soon, but if the future looks as though Hollywood makes it out to be everything will become computerized and it will be gone.

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