Can you see me now? Good.


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One Response to Can you see me now? Good.

  1. ARCooperPR says:

    When it comes to doing ‘vlogs,’ obviously YouTube rules the market. I think to me personally, because I want to go into the music industry, artist vlogs are the best to watch. People are moved by music and can relate every part of their life to some form of music. The power that music holds is phenomenal and can change people’s lives. There are people that worship artists and hang on their every word. Imagine if more artists did vlogs. A more personal and intimate interaction where it feels like they are talking directly to them. Two artists that do this very well are Tech Nine and Jessie J. Both interact very well with their fan base and do so through all means, including vlogs.

    I would take your challenge for being the first to set up a vlog post on here other than you, but currently I do not have my own laptop and thus no webcam. I might see what I can do, if I can pull something together to put on here. One thing I will say about vlogs though, is that they can also be very boring if people seem like they are just talking and talking and the points are not interesting enough. That or the person is not captivating you.

    As a side note, when your video ends it cuts to a shot where it shows several thumbnails of your other videos, and you do not look like a happy person in any of them. Try smiling at the beginning…. Crazy I know.

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