Call of Duty

With the upcoming release of the must highly anticipated and best selling video game series, the newest edition of the Call of Duty series Call of Duty Modern Warefare 3 is set to release in early November. I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to work for them and promote such a huge franchise. I can only imagine what the meetings are like to come up with how and what new way they such promote the release of the newest game. I mean I can imagine them in the war-room so to speak, (this saying actually kind of applies here) and firing off idea after idea. I’m sure alot of the ideas bomb, but to have the creative freedom that they have is amazing. I know with the release of Call of Duty black ops, you can buy the same toy car that you use in the game to blow up and kill people. They have all kinds of special package deals where you can get custom Xbox’s or controllers specifically designed for the new Modern Warfare 3 game. Being a PR students and the creative people that we are, I think it would be amazing to work with a company that has really no limits to what they will do to promote their product.

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  1. ARCooperPR says:

    It is easy for a company who makes a product that is seen to be violent to do any kind of marketing they want, verse one that is considered tame. They do have a lot of freedom in how they choose to market and promote the new games and all the new things that come out just because of it. One thing I would like to see with this though, is more guerrilla marketing. I might be stuck on this after reading through another posting about the topic, but I think it would be very interesting. Think about it, not only are you just promoting it, but you could do it in a more intimate way via the streets with a campaign designed for that smaller scale.

    If you think this is such a dream job, why don’t you try for an internship there? Or at a similar company? We all know you are into sports, but this seems like it would be a great way to spend your work hours too.

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