Mr. October and the Wild Cards

Words cannot truly describe what was etched into baseball history last night in Arlington Texas during game three of the World Series by St. Louis’ Albert Pujols.  Amazing, wow, astonishing, and any other word does not do his three home runs, two singles, and six RBI performance.  Numerous records were broken and his biggest, the three home runs, put him on an elite list joining Babe Ruth and Reggie Jackson as the only players to hit three home runs in a single world series game.  It is truly amazing and just one of the many reasons Pujols MUST stay in a Cardinals uniform next year and on.  But, that is a different story in itself for a different day.  This end of the season until now performance these wild Cards have put on has to be a publicist’s dream.  From a 10.5 game deficit to get to the playoffs, to a rally squirrel, to an insane bullpen, and now history being rewritten.  St. Louis is just receiving and producing greatness at every turn it seems.  Each day sparks something new and very positive to put out for the Cards.  There has to be virtually no searching for what should be publicized or given to the public because it seems to just be happening.  This is amazing, of course for the team, but it also puts virtually no reason to have anything but positivity in the media and publics eyes.  Great for the team, organization, and St. Louis.  Definitely a monumental post season run that is rewriting history each inning.  I knew this would be a great series with Texas, but I do not think anyone could have ever imagined it would be this great and such a wild ride! I cannot wait to see what is in store the rest of the way.  Go Cards!

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3 Responses to Mr. October and the Wild Cards

  1. If Albert leaves we are going to be up a creek without a paddle. To the fans, he is the face and idol of Cardinal baseball. The decision, however, all comes down to numbers. Lets hope this goes in our favor.

  2. Ya that was amazing. Aside from what Reggie Jackson did as a Yankee that was probably of the impressive thing I’ve see in the World Series. I think becasue Reggie was a Yankee and in New York City, such a huge media market he got alot of press from what he was able to do hitting 3 homeruns as well.

  3. ARCooperPR says:

    With such great success happening, everyone will be looking to hop onto that train and try to ride it to glory as well. As an avid fan, I am sure you are feeling the pride when you are able to talk about them and what is going on now. Just think, what if you were one of the interns right now. The opportunities you would be encountering and the experience you would be gaining. This just goes to show you that you never know where opportunities will take you, and that you really sure explore new options constantly.

    maybe you can get something with the team after all the publicity and season has passed. Even in the wake of what is going on, it would be amazing to experience that.

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