Social Standard

Tell the truth. You have always secretly wanted to be a dork. A mega-giant extreme to the limit dork. The kind that dresses up for Harry Potter movie openings (a moment of silence for there being no more….okay. That is enough.), wins Guitar Hero contests without breaking a sweat and goes to events hosted by the University/high school/church group/P.E.T.A., whatever.

No? That is not you? Like I said in the beginning. Tell the truth.

And if you can not seem to face the truth, then how about you look at exactly what it is that you are denying. Because it looks a lot like what we, as public relations professionals, will be trying to promote for a majority of our careers. It is up to us, to make the “uncool” look too cool (a minor dramatization, but just let it happen).

The University of Central Missouri puts on different events throughout the school year, how many of you actually participate? How many people do you know that see the signs and make jokes about them? And how many times, in the back of your head or out loud, do you stand up for the event? Possibly even voice your excitement?

Seeing things like this around campus are a humble reminder to me. There will be times when we are involved in campaigns that a majority may think of as dorky. Except we will be the professionals, that find a rockin good way to promote it….just saying.

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2 Responses to Social Standard

  1. mwil89 says:

    I like this post, you can be true to yourself and still be socially accepted, really the big message that I like about this is to go out and join organizations, especially if you have some interest in them!!

  2. ryanmarler says:

    I really don’t care if I’m socially accepted or not, as I’m sure most people can see. I just kind of do, wear, and say whatever I want without caring what society thinks.

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