Lisa Irwin update

Lisa Irwin is a baby girl who has been  missing since the beginning of October. A man by the name of Mike Thompson claims that he saw a baby getting carried around a local intersection in Kansas City, Missouri. It is sad enough that there has been two witnesses that has witnessed a man carrying a baby with no clothes on while they were riding home from work. The police is trying to stay very active in the situation and they want answers to this situation. 

The police decided that earlier this week they were going to get a search warrant to search the house where they baby disappeared. They went in the house on Wednesday with out the parents consent. The Kansas City Police Department is being very strict, when they entered the house they were taking x-rays of the walls and solid objects. The day that KCPD did the search they blocked off the whole block where the house is located and they put a “no fly zone” over the house. People would honestly like to know where the baby is and whether she is alive or dead. All of a sudden the day that the baby came up missing the mom told the police this week that she was drunk when baby Lisa came up missing. This hurts my soul because even her big brothers want to know where she is and when is she returning home.

I have some questions to ask my colleagues:

Do you think that the Kansas City Police Department is doing a good job about the search?

If you were a publicist for the KCPD how would you respond to this case?

Should this case be looked at as an abduction?

About richilajrand89

My name is Richila Rand. I am currently a senior at the University of Central Missouri. I am double majoring in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Also, I am a Ronald E. McNair scholar.
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One Response to Lisa Irwin update

  1. Ya, crazy stuff going on there. It seems like you never really know who to believe in these situations. Just like the Casey Anthony case, the evidence piles up on each side and there is a huge split in public opinion. If I was going to interject my own opinion on the case, I think she did it. But thats just my opinion based on what I have seen so far in the news. It’s like they report the story fact by fact so each time a fact comes out someone forms an opinion before they have all the facts.

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