Communications vs Business

I’ve heard it thought odd that our PR program is in the College of Communications (and now Sociology and whatever else the university added to the name) rather than the business college.

I started thinking about this because I (finally) received my acceptance letter into the “official” Communication program.

While I think it is suitable for PR to be placed in the business realm (alongside other closely related degrees such as marketing and advertising), I also think it is, in many ways, appropriately placed in the communication department. It surprises many, but a good chunk of PR is writing-based. One point I’ve heard driven home by all of our professors thus far is, “If you’re not a strong writer, you need to become one.”

Apart from writing, communications skills as a PR professional are highly relevant to have. Since we are (or will be) a sort of liaison between audiences and organizations, knowing how to interpret messages, craft and deliver them effectively is imperative.

It’s likely I experience some slight, personal bias (since I’m also pursuing journalism) and enjoy some of my required courses overlapping (man that’s a beautiful thing!) but it’s true nonetheless.

On the other hand, there are plenty of business aspects that play crucial roles in the functions of PR pros. I’m not minimizing these aspects’ importance, only stressing an association between writing/communication and PR as a whole is relevant. And a good thing.

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One Response to Communications vs Business

  1. Sometimes I do find it weird that PR and the communication department isn’t that close to the business school. Maybe this is because a lot of PR undergrads go on to pursue a masters degree in business, so I link the two together a lot.

    About the whole “if you’re not a strong writer, you need to become one”, it is true (which kinda stinks, because it’s not exactly my strong point). However, practice always makes it better! I almost wish that we would have another writing based class along with Campaigns, or after it just to touch up our skills before being pushed off into the big kid world!

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