More Ways to Save, More Ways to Spend

As an avid Groupon and Facebook user, it is no surprise to me that internet users will soon be able to use both services at once.

Companies throughout the nation provide special deals for the Groupon site. For example, a particular restaurant may offer a $20 gift card for only $10. Because this group buying phenomenon continues to grow, Facebook has decided to capitalize on the deal with its own large market.

The new program will be tested in San Francisco, San Diego, Dallas and Atlanta. Similar to Facebook’s ability to target ads to its users, businesses working with the site will be able to offer “Deals” to users, specific to there interests. The program is not just for corporations, but for small, local businesses to implement as well. By 2015, the new feature is predicted to make $3.93 billion.

But this is not the site’s only upcoming feature. Facebook creator Mark Zuckerburg is also working on a new “Rental” page, which allows users to watch studio films on demand for $3 each. A margin of the profit will go to the website. Facebook is also talking with the creators of Skype about developing a video chatting feature for the site.

Facebook is clearly looking for new and exciting ways to implement technology in order to profit from its huge user base. Up until recent years, the site continued to gain popularity, but did not have a way to make money off their audience. With the help of other popular online sites and ideas, Facebook will continue to grow and evolve, and make more money in the process.

To read more about the upcoming Facebook changes, read the article here.

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2 Responses to More Ways to Save, More Ways to Spend

  1. Facebook keeps moving forward, blazing a trail I suppose. It has already grown to so much more than what it began as. Thanks for the link to the article!

  2. scottspiegel says:

    Smart of Facebook to come up with ways to make money off of the users rather then just selling ads. I think it is very interesting that they will be offering movie rentals. I’m interested in seeing how that turns out for them.

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