KC to get rapid rail system

In the newspaper a few days ago I read that Kansas City was going to be getting a rapid rail system. This is very exciting as I have often heard that the Kansas City metro area’s public transportation stinks. Apparently the new rapid rail system will make use of existing track, which makes the project much more affordable.

This really could mean great things for the city and certainly makes city officials promotion of the project a great reason to keep them elected (I had to throw PR in there somehow!) However, while most Jackson County officials support it (because it would provide inexpensive transportation from Oak Grove all the way to KCI Airport, and has a high number of expected ridership), some do not.

I have heard students complain about the speed of the train that comes to Warrensburg, and this would be something much better. ( A high-speed train is usually around 70 mph or higher). This “rapid rail” would mean fewer cars on the interstates, better commute times, better metrowide planning and land use, and better human health because of reduced pollution. A city planning official said it would entirely change the current discussion about someday widening I-70 to eight lanes through Independence.

Sounds like exciting stuff to me!

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4 Responses to KC to get rapid rail system

  1. mmq99030 says:

    That is exciting news, and I am not even from the area. Being from St. Louis, I always seem to be stuck on I-70 forever trying to get to and from school. While the new rapid rails will not directly affect my commute, it may mean less traffic on the road. Also, I am a fan of anything that will help decrease pollution!

  2. Sounds pretty fantastic to me! I live and work in that area and have had the pleasure of experiencing a one-lane I-70 heading downtown (during some long construction months). I had heard of them expanding the lanes as well as the speed limit (yay!) but hadn’t heard of this new system yet. It’s got my vote!

  3. richilajrand89 says:

    This sounds so incredible to me. I feel as if this will help the Kansas City area in order to gain more attractions to the city. People would also love to come visit the city as well because of all the attractions that they are getting in the greater Kansas City area such as the aquarium and if the area gets the rapid rail system. This would be a good thing to vote on especially if it can save people money, especially college kids.

  4. A Kansas City rail way would be a great addition to their budding populations. I feel like I am seeing more and more “visit KC” promos… Also, I have to admit, I just love trains. And they are such an efficient way to travel!

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