Very Pinteresting…

Some of you may have heard me recently talking about my new favorite website, Pinterest. Those of you who dont know what it is, it’s pretty simple. You create your own profile with different pinboards each with a different category. For example, I have a pinboard for Humor and one for Dance, among many others. You “pin” the things you like to each board. Essentially they are all pictures, but some of them have links to other sites like maybe a recipe or a video clip. Needless to say, I am addicted.

But hey, what’s new? I also love Facebook and Twitter and constantly waste time on there, so why not just keep adding to the list. I just recently got this Pinterest account and thought I was just on top of the game. Turns out, a lot of my Facebook friends are already on there. Not feeling so cool anymore. It is just crazy to me how quickly new social media keeps appearing out of thin air! I wonder what I will join in the next few months, in the next few years… What social media will be “extinct” by that time? Will we still be using Facebook and Twitter or will someone one-up those ideas in the years to come? I’m not ashamed to say I am totally thrilled about all the new internet crazes/addictions and am willing to try just about all of them!

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4 Responses to Very Pinteresting…

  1. megromer says:

    I know what you mean, it’s like the other day I learned about Kout and for the first time. It seems like there are so many it is hard to keep track. And how do you remain involved in all of them?

  2. mmq99030 says:

    I love Pinterest too! It’s awesome. But I’m starting to realize the amount of time I am putting into keeping up with all of my social media accounts is ridiculous. Unfortunately, I do not see myself changing my ways anytime soon.

  3. scottspiegel says:

    Not a huge fan of Pinterest. It’s pretty much just bookmarked websites. I know a lot of people have been talking about it lately though. It is crazy how many new social media sites come out.

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