This past summer I had the opportunity to intern with Warrensburg Main Street Inc. Working with Julie this past summer showed me the importance of keeping up with the technology. Our generation is known as the generation Y and we are expected to know how to work all of the new technology. Working with Julie, I learned just how dependent we are on technology. Most of us have been able to work a computer since we were little. I learned that when Julie moved from Kentucky that she lost all of the office help that she was used to working with, which has always been able to help her with things we think are simple like putting together a PowerPoint or checking e-mails.  Julie has made vast improvements from the beginning of summer that is for sure, but working with Julie made me realize that it really is a whole different world with technology.

My great- grandmother was born in 1905 and lived to be 102. My mother and I have always talked about what it must have been like living during the time where technology changed the world. Think about it, men really went from just driving to going to the moon.  Even today with something new coming out every few months at least it will be harder and harder to keep up with technology. My biggest question is how fast can technology change in the next 100 years? I personally don’t think it will be the magnitude of what the technology of the last 100 years brought. What does everyone else think?


About hannahkrhoad

A Public Relations Major at the University of Central Missouri with a passion for voluntering & traveling.
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