Room for Improvement

When I look at all the capabilities and opportunities available through social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, it is astounding the number of organizations that fail to use these sites to their full potential. There is an opportunity for organizations to relate and put themselves in daily communication with customers and followers in a more personal and direct manner. Through social media, they are able to control the information made available to those who visit their Facebook or Twitter pages.

In class we have been working with our clients on spotting any weaknesses or areas for improvement within their online influence. Many groups, including my own, stated that the areas where improvement was needed the most were with their social media programs.

Social networking and media sites can be recognized as slightly new technology, but not so new that organizations should lack a basic understanding of how to fully use the sites. As more and more people and organizations get better involved with social media, it is important that they make themselves interactive, relevant, energetic and up-to-date. Generations today are concerned with how people or companies can benefit them. If organizations can create pages with the aforementioned characteristics, they are bound to feel as though the company is doing everything it can to relate to them personally and individually.


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One Response to Room for Improvement

  1. I know what you mean, just this past weekend, a family friend was talking about how his business is really hurting right now, when I asked what kind of social media he was using, his answer was, none. This was surprising to me, and after talking to him he is now creating a facebook/twitter page. Hopefully it can help!

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