PR Minors

I have been sitting here trying to write a blog post (watching baseball) and trying to come up with a relevant topic to anything regarding PR. However, I have had absolutely no luck. Rather than posting something about a current event or something we talked about in class, I was hoping this post might actually gain some interest from my classmates.

I simply want to know what people are minoring in and why they chose that minor. Obviously people graduate college with a major, but don’t necessarily pursue a job that has anything to do with that major. Maybe some will end up with a job that utilizes their minor.

Personally, I am minoring in Business Administration. I chose this minor because I wanted to learn more about various aspects of the business world (marketing, management, etc.). Also there is a possibility that I will go to grad school for business.

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3 Responses to PR Minors

  1. Keri Cerda says:

    PR is actually my minor. I am majoring in Corporate Communication. And my desired career doesn’t really have anything to do with either. I want to be an academic advisor or work in an office like Career Services. Sure I’ll be able to utilize some of the skills I picked up from my major and minor classes, but they aren’t directly related. I’m planning to get my masters in College Student Personal Administration/Student Affairs, so hopefully through the course I take for that I will be able to make connections to my undergraduate coursework.

  2. kkoots says:

    I have a minor in Spanish. I am almost positive that I will probably not use it in my PR job unless I look for one that specifically requires Spanish. I have studied the language for around seven years, and figured that I might as well continue. I do believe, however, that Spanish will soon be a very dominant language, and it is important to have knowledge on. (Plus it’s pretty cool to be able to read directions, etc. in Spanish and understand what it is saying).

  3. ryanmarler says:

    My minor is speech communication, but I’m going to switch to the new catalog and drop it because all the classes I’ve taken for it have been a waste of time. And I’ll get to graduate a semester sooner.

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