PR and the general public

Have anyone been asked since declaring your major, what is public relations? It is surprising to me, when I tell people what my major is, that they generally have no knowledge of what PR truly is. This is surprising to me because PR is all around us, and at the same time, is kind of the behind the scenes key, to a majority of organizations.

There is marketing, and there is PR, however there cannot be marketing without PR in my opinion. As a PR major, I truly think that we are the “middle man” to relationships between corporations and society. When explaining all this to people, they still seem to not grasp the understanding of what public relations does. I actually kind of like being a behind the scenes field, I see public relations as the secret weapon to what every company has, or should have.

You can look across the board at any situation or crisis that happens, and their is some sort or PR going on, sometimes without notice. What people fail to realize is, without public relations personalities, most would not know how to function in time of need. So next time someone asks you what you can do with a degree in PR, answer, everything.


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5 Responses to PR and the general public

  1. ryanmarler says:

    I’ve just started telling people it’s too hard to explain.

  2. samljohnson says:

    I cant tell you how many times I get that question haha. My parents still dont understand what it is Im going to do when I graduate.

  3. “Secret weapon”–well put! I agree completely. When people ask, “What can you do with a PR degree?” I ask, “What can you NOT do with a PR degree?!”

  4. richilajrand89 says:

    I always tell people that I can do everything with my degree. I agree with your statement you could not have said it better at all. I like how you say we are the “middle man” to protect relationships between corporations and the society. This couldn’t be said better because I think it is the truth, we are just not in the public eye. Last but not least, if there was not a publicist for an organization people would not know how to handle a crisis by themselves.

  5. yxl81090 says:

    Great post! That’s what I have been telling people that PR can pretty much do everything

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