Major League Baseball and the Internet

In honor of the World Series being in a couple of days with our local Cardinals versus the Texas Rangers, I thought I would dedicate a little time to talking about what the MLB is distributing as online content.

For a die-hard Cardinals fan such as myself, it is rather painful to not be able to watch all of the regular season games here in Warrensburg. One of the ways the MLB has eased my pain is the play-by-play interactive screen they have available for people. This is not near as great as actually watching the game, but it certainly is not as bad as not watching the game at all.

Another thing the MLB has done online is having a weekly column on their websites dedicated to answering fan questions. This feedback from a legitimate source helps the fans feel closer to their teams. Its more than just sitting down and writing a comment at the bottom of an article (which they also have). Fan loyalty is maintained by keeping a connection with them, and teams such as the St. Louis Cardinals have done this extremely well. Hopefully this support will help them become the World Series Champions!

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I'm a junior Public Relations student with a Marketing minor at the University of Central Missouri with a strong interest in blogging every week for class!
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One Response to Major League Baseball and the Internet

  1. There are ways for you to watch online, however it is a pain to go through it all to get access. I will be watching the World Series, GO TEXAS (and royals)

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