For those of you who don’t know, the Misfits are one of my favorite bands. I did quite a bit of driving today, listening to two Misfits CDs. One with the original singer, Glenn Danzig, and one with the singer who replaced him, Michael Graves. On my way back to Warrensburg, I listened to the Famous Monsters album that graves fronted. I began to think about all the complaining that people do on Youtube videos, arguing about which singer is better. I love both of them. As long as I get my thrashing horror punk rock fix, I don’t care who is singing.

But then I started thinking about why Glenn left the band and all the legal trouble that the rest of the band had to go through to be able to perform. I came to the conclusion that Glenn Danzig was only in it for the money and not just in it for the music. He took the music and the name, making it hard for the rest of the band to perform. Meanwhile, he went solo to start a commercialized rock band.

Even though Danzig was no longer in the Misfits, he was still credited with everything and owned the Misfits name, making it impossible for the rest of the band to work under the name. He also refused to pay the rest of the band royalties when their music would get used.  I still think Danzig is a cool guy, but once I thought hard enough, I also think he’s kind of a sell out.

Eventually, he got off his high horse and let the remaining members record and tour as the Misfits with a different singer. It was clear to me that Danzig was only in it for the money, while the remaining members are still underground with their only commercial success coming from merchandising, such as their skull.

As a musician, nothing makes me sicker than when other musicians are only in it for the money. I’ve quit bands because they were more interested in trying to make radio-friendly music for the slim-to-none chance that we would get played on the radio instead of sticking to our roots of playing offensive, aggressive rock.

But since that happened so long ago, I can’t be mad. I’ll still continue to listen to both eras of the Misfits.

For anyone interested:

Danzig era

Graves era


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