Interviewing tips

          Most of us will be looking for jobs in a year or two. It is time to prepare ourselves for the journey that lies ahead. The following are some helpful tips to share:

Interview preparation

  • Proofread
    – If you are going to bring some of your work for showing the interviewer what you are capable of, proofreading is a must.
  • Social Media Management
    – Yes, it means no more pictures of you being a cool (or stupid) drunk on Facebook. Delete all the inappropriate pictures and statuses, and choose wisely on your profile picture.
  • Research
    – Do some homework to learn about the company and the position for which you are being interviewed. Before the interview, you should at least know the values and goals of the company, what the company does, and its recent events, etc. Present yourself as a well-informed jobseeker.
  • Practice
    – You should think of the potential questions that could be asked in the interview based on your research, and rehearse how to answer them with your best mannerisms.

During the Interview

  • Illustrate the picture
    – Do not just tell interviewers you are a very responsible person. Come up with examples/stories of your previous work experience, and give them the real picture of why you think you are a responsible person.
  • Don’t be nervous
    – Most of us get nervous when interviewing. But remember the interview is your opportunity to assure the employers that you are the most qualified person for the job. You need to believe yourself for them to believe you.
  • Take your time
    – There will be time when the interviewer may ask you difficult and unexpected questions to see how well you can answer them in a professional manner. Don’t rush yourself to answer the question. Take your time to absorb it, ask questions if you need to, and choose your words wisely. And remember to keep your head up and smile.
  • Show your interest
    – How? Ask questions! Turn the table around and ask them valuable questions about the company and the position. It is also a great opportunity for you to find out more about the company.

Follow up

  • Thank You Letter
    – It is best to send the interviewer a thank you letter within a couple days after the interview to show your appreciation for the interview opportunity.
  • Wait patiently
    – Do not call or email the interviewer thousand times to beg for the job. Do not do it.

Do you have any interviewing tips that you would like to share with us?



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4 Responses to Interviewing tips

  1. ryanmarler says:

    Don’t forget to bring your portfolio to back your self up when you say you know what you’re doing! And remember to shine your shoes and spit out your gum.

  2. mwil89 says:

    Great Post! The biggest thing I’ve seen in interviews for big companies is showcasing a personality. A good work environment wants to hire someone who will mesh well with the others. I’ve had interviews where they didn’t want to see any of your resume or portfolio, they just wanted you to chat with them and meet the co-workers. Personality stays with them after the interview and sets you apart from the others.

  3. This is awesome. I am taking the Interviewing class next semester and I am actually really excited. When I was looking for my internship, I interviewed at multiple places and did a number of phone interviews. I had a good feeling about each interview. There is always that point where that nervous feeling takes over, but afterwards the sigh of relief is relevant. Knowing what to do not just during the interview, but before and after is key. Knowing the company and following up are a few things msot people will not do, so this is very useful information!

  4. kkoots says:

    Very useful! I am in a time where I am looking to get an internship and job, so these will certainly be used. Thanks!

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