Facebook Addiction

It is no secret that Facebook is changing how we communicate,  but new studies have found that it may also change how doctors view their patients.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), asking how many friends a child has on Facebook may very soon become a part of routine checkups in order to screen for depression. In fact, the organization has even started diagnosing a new disease they call “Facebook Depression,” which entails social isolation and changes in eating and sleeping habits, all thanks to the social networking site.

Facebook seems to grow in popularity with younger and younger people every year, which is clearly having some consequences. The fact that the AAP considers information about Facebook activity as crucial as height and weight shows just how much the site is affecting today’s youth.

With more and more corporations taking advantage of Facebook for advertising, marketing and public relations,  the social media site is sure to be sticking around. In fact, with recent renovations, the site is becoming even more addictive

Despite the fact that new and frightening Facebook side-effects are becoming more and more apparent, there is not yet a cure, or reverse effect. For now, it seems our only defense is logging out of the site for awhile to avoid Facebook addiction.

For more on this topic, click Here.

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