My path to Public Relations

As I move closer and closer to graduation, I look back on my path to not only graduating, but my path to public relations. Doesn’t it seem so long ago that we were all wondering were our college educations would take us, or what our major would even be?

Each class I take to move closer to the end, seems to make more and more sense as it goes along. I was thinking the other day, how refreshing it was to put all your time, effort, and money into something, and actually get back what you expected. I have had such a good experience with the PR program, and I believe it is one of the best programs at our University. Too often do I hear friends and peers say that they haven’t learned anything new since there first year in their program, I can proudly say that not only have I learned something new in each year and each course, but each day as well.

I believe we as public relations majors, are lucky to have not only professors and instructors who are constantly lending advice and their time to us, but to have such a supporting group of peers as well. It is very rare that one can find a major that they feel comfortable being in with every student, but I can honestly say I do. So next time you’re having a stressful day, think about how lucky we are to be public relations majors.


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Public Relations Major at Central Missouri University
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4 Responses to My path to Public Relations

  1. Totally agree! I was excitedly sharing something I had learned in one of my PR courses with our Promotions Manager at Disney and she just smiled at me. She said, “It’s so cool you’re so certain of your degree and you genuinely love it so much. Not a lot of people find that!”

    I’m definitely going to write my blog going off of yours! Thanks 🙂

  2. mmq99030 says:

    It is always so strange to me when I hear people complaining about their major classes. Sure, we have all had a not-so-pleasant experience with a gen-ed or two, but when it comes to my Public Relations classes, I have always loved them. Well, a love/hate relationship sometimes, but it is those rough weeks that have taught me the most.

  3. The entire department is amazing! I love our little “PR Family.”

  4. richilajrand89 says:

    I love this post you couldn’t have explained it any better Griffin. I remember my road to college but, I did not know what I was going to do. My senior year in high school I sat in my jounalism class and realized that I loved writing stories for the school newspaper. That’s when I then decided that when I went off to college that I would major in something that dealt with communication. I thank my former jounalism teacher Kathy Unger for her help. I would have to agree with you that I learn so much here at the University, my professors are so inspiring and I feel like the PR program is the best program. I learn so much and i cannot wait until I get to utilize my knowledge when I go out and find a job to start my career.

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