Spelling Errors

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a great homecoming weekend! Do any of you have a habit of pointing out spelling errors on menus, powerpoints, brochures, etc? Well, I do.  It absolutely drives me nuts when something is spelled wrong, especially on an official document. I have noticed so many spelling errors on the restaurant menu of one particular place in this town, and it just makes that establishment look like a bunch of (for lack of a better word) idiots. I feel that a business should always make sure its documents are grammatically correct. Having spelling and grammar errors shows a lack of professionalism and overall laziness.

I have also witnessed a stupid, yet incredibly hilarious spelling error on a powerpoint. I will leave the name of the teacher out, but this person meant to type the word “public” on their powerpoint slide, but instead typed “pubic.” It was pretty funny to read it while class was going on, but now this teacher is forever known for that spelling error to the 30-plus students in that class.

All of this ranting brings me to my point. Spelling and grammar are such big parts of our career. Making one mistake on a cover letter or resume could cost a possible internship or job for someone. I urge all of you to always proofread your assignments before turning them in, and ask others for feedback if needed. We should all stay on top of our spelling/grammar game.

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One Response to Spelling Errors

  1. megromer says:

    Erica, I completely agree! I also get upset when people don’t use full sentences on things like facebook, or get homonyms mixed up, like sense and since! Sometimes it really is surprising what the mistake was meant to be, but you’re right, one mistake could cost you your future.

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