Same product, new name?

I recently encountered a product with the lack of predictability and standardized in a  product. I bought some dove body lotion assuming it would have fragrance as the body wash and bars of soap, but I was mistaken. The only reason why I bought it was for that trademark dove scent. Instead I got some heady smell that isn’t what I expected. But I feel guilty returning some used lotion to the story, so I’ll use it anyway, every time I apply it, upset that it doesn’t smell like I want it to.

This reminded me of the Coca-Cola Company, celebrating 125 years this year. They  made their mark by developing the most ingenuious bottle design that would boost sales and beat out the competition. However, in April of 1985 when they changed their classic coca-cola recipe, fans and drinkers were outraged. They named it “New Coke” and the day lives on as one of the worst marketing ploys in history. Protesting fans and consumer angst resulted in the return of the old coke, or Coca-Cola Classic a few months later which resulted in unprecedented sales of the product.

It is speculative to say that they re-invented the coke recipe, just to get consumers involved and boost sales. Either way, coke fans are happy and Coca-Cola is happy, and it continues to grow as the world’s largest beverage company.

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3 Responses to Same product, new name?

  1. It’s amazing to see how different company’s change their image, and then change it back. It seems as though they always have something up their sleeve for marketing purposes.

  2. True. Maybe this is to reaffirm or refresh people’s satisfaction with the original? And random fact I learned from Hannah Rhoad, did you know that when you put on lotion your body actually is absorbing fat?? Lol

  3. What an appetizing image Jessica…lol

    I had no idea there was a new dove scent. I agree, the signature scent is the best thing ever…

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