National League Championship Series

What a great few Divisional playoff games we have gotten to see in the past week!  All but one series, Texas and Tampa Bay, went the full five games to decide a winner.  As we all know the Cardinals were one of those four victorious teams and that pitted them against Central rivals, the Milwaukee Brewers.  What I have been thinking going into this heated series is how do the respective teams take the recent publicity of the teams’ reputations as well as their feelings of each other.  On one hand you have a very celebratory team in the Brewers as well as the infamous Nyger Morgan who we always hear about doing something negative.  The other hand you have the team he and the Brewers do not like nor care to get along with in the Cardinals.  In the recent days leading up in today’s game it had surfaced that Brewers pitcher Zach Grenke does not like St. Louis and especially not Cards pitcher Chris Carpenter.  This added to the long list of things ESPN as well as other media could talk about with a type of negative hint leading into the heated rivalry.  As I thought about it further; this rivalry and the smack talk just makes for a better series.  The fact that these guys get so pumped to beat the other makes them play harder and more exciting to watch.  I could definitely do without Nyger Morgan’s antics, but I think even Milwaukee would agree with that.  ESPN played up the fact that the rivalry was heated and the dislike, but they made it in a positive light by saying what I felt and it made the series better.  I don’t know whether to think the PR department and publicists had a hand in being able to show the positive or if it was all ESPN.  Either way I am glad they didn’t make it too negative and showed the positives. Game one was entertaining, even though STL lost, and I am sure the rest of the series will bring fireworks and fun.  Go Cards!

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  1. Small comments such as these are always guaranteed to come out in extremely competitive games such as these. Last year’s NL Central showdown between the Cardinals and Reds proved that with the fight starting with Brandon Phillips negative comment about the Cards. The game is full of thse antics, which only add to the entertainment sector of the game.

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