Im sure you have all either seen or heard about UCM’s app. And some of us may even have it. I got it just for the sole purpose of checking it out. I was actually surprised we did something like that. In class we have been analyzing our client’s presence online and in social media, so I thought I would analyze UCM’s app… The app is a really simple design, aesthetically, with multiple different tabs to include:
-References (ie campus map, majors, etc)
-Directory (allows you to search for people’s contact info)
-Courses (you can see courses offered for the year)
-Campus Map
-Events (you can see events at the University by each day)
-Campus News (offers top stories)
-Athletics (categorized by sport)
-Checklist (to do list for admission to UCM)
-Multimedia (pics, YouTube, etc)
-Bulletins (enrollment timelines, holds, etc)

The app is pretty comprehensive. It is especially good for prospective students. However, it is missing one thing that would really make it perfect for current students: BLACKBOARD. If students could access announcements, powerpoints, and emails, all from their smart phones, that would be the perfect app. I would probably use the app alot more.

Has anyone else downloaded the app? What do YOU think of it? Is there talk of Blackboard being added?

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3 Responses to UCM App

  1. kkoots says:

    I have the app. I never really use it except to look at post game scores. Like you mentioned, I believe that it is more for prospective students rather than current students.

    I think that Bb will never have an association on the UCM app because they are separate entities and are their own company.

    I do have to sat that Bb has its own app, and I use it everyday. I highly recommend it!!! Also now that UCM has Google Apps for its email provider, they can be linked to the mail on smart phones. Definitely a step in the right direction for UCM.

  2. mwil89 says:

    Nice I didn’t know they had one, I wish it had blackboard though, MyCentral and Blackboard are the only things I really need from the UCMO website beside maybe photo and news updates. Cool find!

  3. Keri Cerda says:

    I haven’t downloaded it. I rarely use apps when I can just go to the website instead. If I need something off the UCM website I just use my phone’s internet. It’s pretty fast and it gets me what I need. Apps just take up space on my phone. They were nice before phones were capable of just going to the site, but I think now what is more useful would be having a mobile version of the site. Also, apps have bugs and glitches. I had the BlackBoard App on my iPod Touch and it kept messing up so I just took it off. I can get on the UCM Blackboard straight from my phone now, so why waste the space in downloading an app?

    I understand what you’re saying, it is nice that they’re moving forward in their technologies but they still seem a bit behind. Apps have been around for awhile now, and maybe it’s just me, but they seem to be less and less popular. An app has to really stand out to be important.
    From what you describe, it sounds a lot like what an ideal mobile site would look like, and that would be a better way to develop things in my opinion.

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