Weekend Refreshments

It is Homecoming weekend! I hope you are enjoying all the excitement and energy around campus.

Here are some great blogs and articles I enjoy reading this week. Check them out and you may get some different insights and perspectives!

10 Tips to Increase Your Productivity by Adam Singer

To quote from the post, “One of the best ways to remain productive is to make a plan for the day.”

Yes. This post is directly dedicated to you. I know it is Homecoming weekend and all we want to do is to enjoy the game and the excitement. But we all understand things have to get done too, especially with all the assignments that just popped up on our to-do list this week (Yes, I do think it is time for the professors to give us a break for Homecoming!) I am not even trying to accomplish all 10 tips, but I will aim to do great at one tip – Prioritize. Let’s get the most important tasks done first before the weekend, and then we can finish the rest after the exciting weekend!

How to Quit Your Job

This is awesome. It is just fun sharing of how a former Apple employee made his resignation letter creative and personal to read. We all need a little laugh sometimes. The letter is humorous, yet it reflects his contributions to the company and his appreciation of what the company has given him. Take this brilliant insight and consider about adding some human element to show your personality and uniqueness when writing your cover letter, resume, or proposal! Life is too short to live bored!

The Powerful Act of Simplicity

To quote from the post, “Its simplicity is also its strength.”

This is a worthwhile post by Danny Brown to appreciate simplicity with an example of a fan-made video for Dashboard Confessional’s song So Long, So Long.

Do you still remember simplicity as one of the elements to create a sticky message? A simple, crisp and to-the-point message saves your audiences from confusion. If the key message is too elaborate and complex for readers to understand, it may back fires and the audiences may just ignore the message.

One last thing …

We all know that we have lost one of the greatest visionaries whose creations revolutionized a better world for us. Thank you Steve, for all your groundbreaking contributions and personal insights, may you rest in peace.

“Stay foolish, stay hungry.” – Steve Jobs


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  1. kkoots says:

    Increasing productivity is written on my chalkboard right now.

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