Facebook is a nice website that helps people network with others. The website is a nice social networking site. Facebook was launched in February 2004 by Mark Zuckerberg. The company originally started at Harvard University and only the students who attended the college had access to the website and were the only ones to use Facebook. Then other students around the Boston area were able to use the website to communicate with other colleagues or businesses. Then other colleges were allowed to use the website in order to communicate with others. Before high school students were able to use the website, the website was college based and was only used by college students. While being able to start a nice social networking site there are plenty of things that are interesting that the website allows people to do.
The website allows people to do a lot of things as far as communicating with others. The way that people may communicate with others is adding other users as your friends, exchanging messages with others etc. Another form of communication is joining user groups such as where you may work “workplace”, and your school that you may be attending. For example, a group that I have joined is the plug and the group is a Christian based group that posts things that they may find interesting that were brought up in bible study. Also, you may categorize your friends, my family is under their own category. How did you get on Facebook? I find this question interesting because when I was in high school someone had to invite me to the site. All of my friends were talking about the site one day when I was in my journalism class. I asked them to invite me to the site and ever since then I have been on Facebook.
A question that I would like to leave people with, which I find interesting and everyone complaining about when Facebook is brought up would be: Do you like change? I ask this because the site always has numerous of changes to it when you log on to the site. I personally do not like change, but I had to tell myself to get use to changes that may occur because if I do not like how something is going when I get in the work force I cannot change I have to adapt to the situation.


About richilajrand89

My name is Richila Rand. I am currently a senior at the University of Central Missouri. I am double majoring in Public Relations and Corporate Communication. Also, I am a Ronald E. McNair scholar.
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4 Responses to Facebook

  1. I dont mind the effort to try to change things and make them better. It seems that every time Facebook tries to do something new there is a huge uproar, only to find out months later that after everyone has adjusted to the new format people tend to like the changes as long as it makes things easier.

  2. yxl81090 says:

    People always get upset and outrageous when Facebook changes. But they will still get on Facebook just as often. I personally don’t mind Facebook changes because it is the only way for Facebook to stay relevant to its users.

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