And they shall reign over…what?

With flashy slogans and neon T-shirts, Greek life invades the UCM campus.

Homecoming week is a complete zoo. Windows are painted, signs hung, floats made and cheers written and performed. One of the more ostentatious of these activities is the campaigning for Homecoming King and Queen. There are posters and pamphlets at every corner of the campus. The quad feels almost like a war zone that one must bob-and-weave to make it through alive.

Fraternities and sororities take shifts handing out free bee’s in their uniform T-shirts. Free bee’s include candy, koozies, T-shirts, beaded necklaces, cups, beach balls, fanny-packs, sunglasses and water bottles. All with the not-so-suddle message of “Vote for _____!”

Personally, I am not involved with Greek life, any part of it. So my first response is usually something along the lines of: “who are these people? And why did she just hug me and hand me sunglasses? Is this real life?” Maybe if I were more involved I would understand. I notice that they collect cans and I assume some type of charity is involved, but really. What is the point? Most campaigns are practically mirror images of one another. Some take a slightly different approach. Few are entirely unique.

What is the benefit of winning “Homecoming King/Queen?”

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4 Responses to And they shall reign over…what?

  1. Hahaha I feel like this has been the song I’ve been singing allllll week. I AM involved in (academic, mind you, not social) greek life, and have been a part of campaigning for our candidate. I honestly love our candidate and hope she wins because I know she wants to, but it really doesn’t matter. I’ve found myself feeling quite sick with seeing how much energy, money and time goes into Homecoming–and with what payoff for whom? A crown and a title people will remember for about two days? Okay. Didn’t we do the whole “popularity contest” of homecoming and prom queen in high school? Isn’t this college?
    On a brighter note though, I did get to participate in the community service projects all of the sororities and fraternities did yesterday. That was refreshing for me personally–seeing at least some of the energy and time truly benefiting others in the community.

  2. mmq99030 says:

    Logically, Homecoming does seem a bit of waste. But you could honestly say that about a lot of our traditions.
    “What’s the point of men dressing in tight pants trampling each other over a little brown ball on the football field?”
    Homecoming, for whatever reason, will always be apart of the college atmosphere. I must admit, I really enjoy seeing lots of people around, working for a common cause. It gives this campus a little energy that it is sometimes lacking. So as much as I agree with everything you are saying, I will still love Homecoming (unless Mike Wilson wins).

  3. samljohnson says:

    Ive always wondered this question too. I mean, dont get me wrong, Im so psyched for Mike for winning (s/o to Mike Wilson, our King lol) but the entire campaigning process can be annoying. When it comes to Homecoming royalty, I usually know who I am voting for as soon as I discover who all the candidates are…. But, something alot of people might not know is that votes only count for 15% Im pretty sure. Those who win, win based on interviews and tri-folds and all sorts of stuff that makes them “well-rounded” and deserving. Just food for thought!

  4. I never knew that! Thank you for the answer. And just to clarify, I wasn’t trying to trash homecoming at all, I simply wondered what it was all about.

    Also, yea Mike Wilson!!! 🙂

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