Twitter: #getalife

The fast growing popularity of Twitter, is very interesting to me. I have recently created an account, and have to admit that I kind of like it. I like it because I can get updates on my favorite teams, favorite journalists, etc. However, it is CRAZY that people are getting on Twitter to update where they are at different times of the day, #whocares.

Many people will have over fifteen updates per day about where they are. Whether that be a restaurant, home, bar, street, or wherever. Why would you want other people to know where you are, when you’re going to be there, and why you are there? Are people becoming so infatuated with themselves that they really think people care if they are eating a sandwich at 1pm at John Doe’s pub? Maybe some people do care, but are people so bored that they are becoming more interested in how other people live their life, rather than how live their own? I like the idea of Twitter, I like how you can connect with people around the world that you may never meet, but their is a line that should not be crossed, and that’s caring what people you do not know are doing, at every second of the day.

By the way, you can follow me @griffingatewood and I will be at the dining halls around 4pm. #sarcasm

About griffingatewood

Public Relations Major at Central Missouri University
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4 Responses to Twitter: #getalife

  1. I don’t know who you are following Griffin, but I have yet to find those notorious people on Twitter that update every time they change locations or make a bowel movement. I figured that’s all I would find when I signed up, but truly have yet to follow one such person…

  2. I have a Twitter account, however, it’s impressive if I make myself “tweet” once every two months. Personally I don’t see the gratification or point in following people, especially people I don’t know (i.e. celebrities)–I find that creepy and stalker-ish.
    Twitter definitely has its benefits, but I agree with you. People definitely abuse their 140 characters (or however many it is) all too frequently. At least these people don’t seem to struggle with self esteem issues. 🙂

  3. mmq99030 says:

    Oh the woes of Twitter. I cannot tell you how many times I have (hopefully unnoticeably) un-followed friends of mine who were a little bit too… detailed. But I have a feeling I will have my Twitter account for a long time, as the benefits do outweigh the costs!

  4. richilajrand89 says:

    Twitter is a fun website that is very interesting I would have to agree with you there. However, I do not like when people update where they are all of the time. I feel like how you feel about the situation #whocares where you are. I honestly would like to know why would they like everyone to know where they are, which is kind of crazy. Twitter will benefit public relations in a professional manner, such as following famous journalists, teams etc. I find this hilarious, but what you say I would have to agree with.

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