Social Media and the Music Industry

As I am sitting here trying to decide what to write about, I have been monitoring my Twitter feed at times. Something that has caught my eye is how good small, upcoming bands are at obtaining publicity… by themselves.

Small bands don’t have the money, nor the backing from a major label to help market them. Bands, to me, are some of the best “organizations” at utilizing the power of social media. They do a fantastic job of making the fans feel appreciated by responding to every tweet and Facebook post in a personal way. They also use social media to post videos and pictures of recording sessions, concerts and pictures of them on tour.

To give an extreme example of how powerful Twitter is for a band, or in this case a singer, I’m going to use Justin Bieber (i’m not a fan) as an example. He has over 13 million followers. If anyone on Twitter checks whats “trending” everyday, it is almost guaranteed that something about Bieber will be trending.

Bands can use this power to obtain followers (and listeners) to become more and more successful with their musical careers.

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2 Responses to Social Media and the Music Industry

  1. It makes perfect sense to think of up and coming artists as the perfect example of how to use social media to their advantage. Bieber was actually found on YouTube. He garnered fans long before he had a label. MySpace (old as crap I know) used to be the place for artists to really start. Yet another example of social media being used to their advantage.

  2. I remember when bands were all over MySpace, I am not sure why because I am not a huge music person. I understand your point though, social media is a perfect way to start out a career and gain interest from fans by being more personal with them. My younger sister follows a small band on Twitter and will mention them a lot and they always get back to her and she even went to a small concert of theirs in the Grain Valley area recently!

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