When working in a field that is fast paced, information needs to be disseminated as quickly as possible. When this happens it seems inevitable that an error will slip through, many times because of a lack of proofreading. I am most definitely guilty of it. When I write papers for my classes I rarely ever proofread, and they usually come back with a few circled typos. Some professors might take off a couple of points, some might not take off any. I think that is a mistake.

We are in college, a place that is supposed to educate us and train us for having real jobs at companies and in organizations. Especially in our field it seems imperative that our writing be scrutinized for mistakes that can lessen the credibility of our company, be they misspelled words or poorly thought out phrasings. There is a weekly segment done by Jay Leno that highlights the funnier “goofs,” but when you or your company is the one being hurt by these errors, it’s not quite as funny.

Fourgot to proofread?

Things such as the article above are getting printed daily. People just don’t seems to take the time to make sure that their work is done well, as long as it’s done. It is something that we should take seriously, not only becasue it is ridiculously easy, but because it could be the difference between our future employers being able to trust us. If that trust is misplaced it could have severe consequences that effect not only us as an individual, but they company as a whole, and everyone that works at the company. Is it really worth risking the credibility of a company to save a few minutes?

(P.S. – Another tip: if you don’t have your battery in your laptop, make sure not to accidentally unplug your laptop in the middle of writing something…)

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