Lucky Underwear

I am not much of a sports follower, or necessarily a tigers (or anything) fan, but I overheard some people talking at work about the MLB Detroit Tiger’s coach wearing lucky underwear. They were talking about how he has been wearing them and as a result the Tigers have been on a winning streak, and when asked in a press conference whether or not he would be wearing “special underwear” he responded with “I will be wearing special underwear and if we win, I will wear them at the next game, too.” But this is all hear-say, you know.

Fortunately, Yahoo news churned up some credible info on the subject. On Thursday, the sports page posted, “The 66-year-old has provided one of the more unusual talking points in the lead up to the postseason playoffs after revealing he never changes his underwear when his team is winning.” I certainly agree. He even went so far as to reveal to the press that he wore “long-underwear…or longer than boxer trunks.”

It’s really quite hilarious to me, lucky underwear, though I am sure he’s not the only one.

It just got me thinking–if I had thousands of fans, would I want them all thinking about my underwear?

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One Response to Lucky Underwear

  1. You would be surprised to find out, that MANY baseball players do some kind of ritual like this. Alex Gordon of the Royals had one of his best seasons of his career, and he in fact did not change his hat the entire season. Players complained that they could not go past his locker without gagging from the smell. Many athletes are very superstitious about things like this.

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