Lacking Inspiration

When writing for online content, you automatically have to have something interesting or appealing to even stand a chance of being noticed. This can happen a number of ways:

1) Have an Attention-Grabbing Title: Dog Learns to Speak English (This would be attention grabbing if it were ever possible, or at least to me.)
2) Have a Catchy Font Face: Like Bolding Things to Seem Important

Ok, both of those examples may seem kind of stupid, but regardless, they sometimes work. So what happens when a writer is lacking inspiration? Essentially they are immediately lost in the mess of web-writing junk no one will pay attention to. We all have to find a way around this and become innovative.


About kellynbaysinger

I'm a junior Public Relations student with a Marketing minor at the University of Central Missouri with a strong interest in blogging every week for class!
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One Response to Lacking Inspiration

  1. mwil89 says:

    Skim, scan, scroll. You are totally right, you have to know how to write right or else whoever you are writing falls to the wayside. Online content is about 98% of my sole reading and if it doesn’t catch your attention, it is just lost in the shuffle of things.

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