Fashion Becomes Art

This past Friday I attended the Fashion Becomes Art event that was put on by Warrensburg Main Street partnering with Impulse Boutique. The show was a fundraiser where all proceeds go back to Warrensburg Main Street, which is a non-profit organization that’s objective is to revitalize the downtown areas.  I was in awe how great they had transformed Impulse. When you walked into the store it was like walking into a different place, you forgot that you were in Warrensburg even.  They had valet parking and then you checked in with the VIP list. When you walked in they had severs walking around with silver trays full of food and a bar that was available with water, soda, wine, and beer. When you found your seat the VIP ticket holders found a purse full of gift certificates along with little goodies from downtown businesses. One the show started you had the chance to see all of the newest fashions that Impulse will be selling for the next few weeks. Once the show was over there was an after party that was available to all people over the age of 21. Over all this was a great event. This event is the types of events that I would like to plan in the future. I have had the opportunity to attend different conferences, fundraisers and events and have realized that I would like to be able to plan these for my future job.

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A Public Relations Major at the University of Central Missouri with a passion for voluntering & traveling.
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3 Responses to Fashion Becomes Art

  1. megromer says:

    This is really awesome that a small business would be attempting such a “big show.” I think that sort of innovation will keep the downtown area alive. I’m curious how many attendees they had, or if this will boost their business?

  2. I wish I would have known this was going on! It seems like an interesting concept. In my hometown they are working on a project labeled “Transformation,” it is all about how to revitalize the downtown area. I’ve gotten to see quite a few of their projects and so far, so good. I love those areas and hope small towns can keep them up and coming!

  3. richilajrand89 says:

    I wish I would have knew that this was going on, this would have been an interesting event to attend. I actually rode past the boutique and I was wondering what were those people doing, the set up looked really nice. The owner is bringing life to the downtown area which is a nice and it seems like the owner is willing to help other businesses around the downtown area. I like shopping in places like that and there is a lot of nice things in the store. That all in all was a creative project and it is nice that the owner is thinking about the Warrensburt, MO community.

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