Seeking Inspiration

I have been thinking about the subject of web writing ever since it was discussed in class and I have tried to think of how I can use what we talked about to enhance the writing I do on this blog and in other online writing opportunities. The main points that stick out to me that can improve my web writing are the aspects of interactivity and energetic writing. These catch my interest the most because they are things I struggle with. I don’t feel that I am alone in feeling that way either. There are many blogs out there that struggle to hold my and other’s interest. The blogs that succeed and have a larger following always seem to engage the reader and get them involved in what the blogger is saying and have a certain compelling writing style that catches and holds attention. With energetic writing, also comes the task of using active voice. I would have to say that aspect of writing is one that I struggle with the most. As I continue to write on this blog, I am hoping to work on some of my skills that are lacking. I also feel inspired to go out and find some good examples of web writing and blogs that can hopefully help me improve my writing even more. Before I do so, does anyone have any favorite blogs that provide good examples of interactive and energetic writing that they recommend me reading?

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One Response to Seeking Inspiration

  1. kkoots says:

    I do not have any examples or suggestions for tips to check out, but one thing that I can give some advice on is making short paragraphs with some white space. This makes the entry pleasing to the eye, and also I personally think that it is easier to read with a few lines per paragraph rather than one chunk of text.

    Just a suggestion!

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