My Weekend Refreshments

Question: What do you like about public relations?
My answer: It is a field that will never bores me. It is constantly changing and there is always a lesson to learn about PR each day.

And by I said learning a PR lesson each day, here is a great way to do that: to read blogs that are written by some of the brightest PR professionals in the field. It is always refreshing to get different perspective on things and learn from others.

Having a 4.0 GPA does not garantee you a job. Future employers are more interested in what you can do, and what you know about the industry. And one of my ways of learning how to think critically about PR is by reading different PR blogs.

Below is a quick mix of thought-provoking blog posts I have read this week. Pick a post to read and share your thoughts with us!

You don’t need to know everything

– This is a great insight for those who are getting ready to enter the job field or trying to get an internship. Employers do have some basic expectations from us, but to pretend we know everything from the start will only limit us from learning. A quick recap:
 1. Observe, listen, and absorb.
 2. Don’t pretend to know everything
 3. Develop a team around you that you can trust and that can make sure you know everything you need to

Ragu Pasta Sauce Leaves Bad Taste With Social Media Users
– Here is a true or false question: Any press is good press. You are right. It is false. This is a great social media lesson for Ragu and other companies that are not fully committed to connect with the audiences.

How This One Simple Question Show You What People Buy
One of the key things that I picked up from this post is “Open a Real, Personal Conversation with Each Reader / Subscriber”. It is about communicating and learning from your audience of how you can serve to their best interest.

Lessons From An Asshole
Wow. This is just a great lesson of “think twice before you speak”. I would definitely hit the “ignorant” button if Facebook offers that. Scoble has definitely lost respect in a lot of his audiences. The ironic thing is that was supposed to be an open discussion that he posted, but yet he cannot stand a dissenting comment. It is also another lesson for us to gain some perspective on social media usage: be careful of what you put on and things that you say.


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4 Responses to My Weekend Refreshments

  1. I follow multiple PR professionals on Twitter, some I found myself, and some followed me first. I love reading their blogs, because most of the information they post is geared towards our age bracket and it is very useful information. I have retweeted a lot of their tweets, and the cool thing is that they usually respond to me with a thank you and a small piece of advice (they can see what I study).

    • yxl81090 says:

      Agreed! Social media serves as one of the most useful medium to interact with people and to get information. It has been helpful and inspiring to read about the current trends as related to the our field.

  2. Dave Fleet says:

    Glad you liked my post! It’s a lesson I struggled to learn, and that I need to keep reminding myself. PR is such a broad field that you can’t hope to be great at everything. However, you can aim to be GREAT at some things, and to surround yourself (through hiring when you’re at a senior level; through mentors earlier in your career) with people who are great at the other things so they can support you, and vice versa.



    • yxl81090 says:

      Thanks for the great advice Dave! You are right. PR is a broad field that it can be overwhelming when we try to be great at everything. Even aiming to be great at something will take us some time. We have to develop the skill, practice it, make some mistakes, learn from the experience, start to get it, and repeated doing it.

      Thanks again for your reply! I have always enjoyed reading your blog. It has been insightful for me, as a PR student, to learn something new every day about the profession I am pursuing.


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