Genius or Idiot?

Everyone remembers last spring when Charlie Sheen went on his “crazy” spree. You couldn’t go anywhere without hearing talk about how all the drugs fried his brain or how his fame go to his head. I believe he just wanted the publicity.

For a few months straight, he was all over the news and tabloids. People were making shirts, posters, bumper stickers, and anything else they could with his face and some of his catch phrases he was using at the time. Even dubstep artists were sampling his interviews during their songs. Still, most of the people I talk to think he had just gone crazy. However, he was still making money off of everything that was going on, while living the American dream, essentially.

Honestly, I think he’s a genius for all that he did. Even if he got fired from Two and a Half men. At least he doesn’t have to go to work and shoot the episodes anymore. Even though his tour was a flop, he got to go on stage, drink, and run his mouth about whatever he wanted. He still got paid even though the ratings weren’t very good, and he was basically his own boss.

After watching his Comedy Central Roast a few days ago, I believe 100% that he did it all for attention. He was completely normal at his roast. Would a “crazy person” laugh at a bunch of jokes people were making about him? Probably not.

What do you think?



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One Response to Genius or Idiot?

  1. To say Charlie Sheen is a nutcase is an understatement. If you look the past in his life, everything has always been a hot mess. Yes, he has made a substantial amount of money with his recent actions, but what will the long term effects be? Will anyone of stature or respect want to work with him again? Just a thought.

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